Discarding Artifacts

I found a sweater in a drawer the other night. It’s old and faded and has shrunk over the years, so I no longer wear it, but I’ve saved it all this time because it was the sweater I wore on a first date. The first date with someone I ended up spending 11 years with, off and on. This sweater became a symbol of that relationship. It was the hope of the first date, the reminder of how we got together, the start of our history.

But lately, my future is more important to me than my past. It’s a history I won’t and can’t repeat so it’s time to let go. The sweater is in my garbage, never to be worn again or pulled out and clung to in an attempt to hold onto the past.

It sounds silly to be sad about a sweater anyway.


~ by Kat on October 25, 2011.

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