The Date That Wasn’t Supposed to Be a Date, But In Fact Probably Was

A couple of months ago a former co-worker called me out of the blue and asked me out. At least it sounded like he was asking me out, but that was a little baffling since I know that he’s married. I promptly called him out on it and he responded saying that he could explain.

Well, our schedules never matched up until yesterday. He invited me to lunch but told me not to read anything into it. But then he asked if he could pick me up, which sounded very date-like. And also kinda floored me because, really, what guy does that anymore? Pick me up? Not just meet me there? It’s a little unheard of anymore. I had other errands to run before and after, so I told him I’d just meet him.

Lunch was actually great. He’s easy to talk to and I  felt very comfortable. He talked A LOT, which I gather he needed. He did share his story about the wife and what will most likely be the end of their marriage. He had questions about what divorce is like and did I regret it and how was my daughter with it. He said he didn’t want advice, but perspective. Then he let me know that I’m only the second person he has told, the other being his best friend. When I asked why he would tell me, I didn’t get any answer that I expected. It was more of a monologue about how great he thinks I am. The highlights were that I’m the most attractive woman he knows and he doesn’t know why I’m single and then words like witty, quick and sophisticated were used. He thinks I have a love of life, but that’s because he hasn’t had to listen to me whine about winter and being cold for months on end. Overall, he said some of the nicest things to me that I have ever heard.

At the end of lunch, he said he’d like to have drinks some time. Hmmm…..

He later called to thank me for having lunch with him and went on some more about how “incredible” I am.

It’s all very flattering, and a huge boost to my ego, but come on. Is this where I am now? The only men who are attracted to me are married? I don’t want to be the other woman. I want my own man. I’ve never been good at sharing, but I also don’t want to be a part of something that so deeply hurts another person. All of those great things that I supposedly am get canceled out in that scenario.



~ by Kat on November 19, 2011.

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