…and Don’ts

I’m not sure what the deal is. About me. And men who are taken.

I once worked with a guy who was pretty cute. He had a British accent which made him a bit cuter. He flirted with me a lot. I flirted back, but I was in a relationship at the time. He continued to flirt with me when I was no longer in said relationship, but by this point he was in one. Only he didn’t tell me. He just said dirtier things. Once when we went out as a group, it ended up being the two of us. I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but I didn’t want to be That Girl. I played dumb and went home alone.

Recently there was this little situation. He texted me while on his family vacation. Slightly awkward, but since he’d mentioned his marriage problems recently and hadn’t directly made a pass at me, I thought he was looking for a friend. I hoped. I tried to ignore what I knew was probably the real reason.

A text a week later asked if he was out of my league. I told him that being married put him out of my league. He assured me that that was over and he was going to be “on the market.” As flattering as that sounded (not at all), I had just started seeing Man Candy so told him that I might have met someone and wanted to see where that would go. His response? To ask if there was any chance for him at all before anything really started. Ugh. Some of us have ideas about how relationships should start and I don’t choose to start mine in the middle of a divorce. I tried to nicely let him down, saying I didn’t want to lead him on. His next response? “Just one crazy night?” Ew. No. Hire a prostitute for that. Which is how he made me feel with that comment.

Guys, don’t do this. Just don’t.




~ by Kat on December 12, 2011.

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