The New Roomie

Man Candy put a nail through his hand a couple weeks ago. Right through the knuckle, fractured the bone. So I moved the gimp into my house to take care of him. The first few days were a little hard. He was grumpy and I was at a complete disadvantage not knowing him well enough and what makes him comfortable. Movies and ice cream? Napping all day? He hated being babied and was beyond stubborn about taking his meds.

After the initial pain started to wear off, it was kind of fun having a new roommate. But also a lot to take in for a new (and unofficial) relationship. By the end of the first week I was feeling a little stifled. I liked having him around, but I also realized how independent I’ve become and missed  hanging out with my friends. I missed my best friend most of all. I missed my usual routines, even the stupid things like checking email and doing online crosswords. Going where I wanted when I wanted.

And then something happened. I fell for him. Completely. Head over heels. Mushy and sappy and melty in ways I didn’t expect. The best part? It’s mutual. He said so. He tells me how he feels, which is a completely unheard-of concept in my world. I still missed some of the normal things and trying to balance it with my other important relationships has been nearly impossible. I’ve never wanted to be one of those women that drops her friends as soon as a guy comes along and my guilt has been overwhelming. But I’ve also enjoyed being in this little bubble of bliss and I’ve wanted to relish it because it won’t happen again. Not exactly like this. Our relationship will change and it could be even better, but this is the only time we’ll have this newness. It won’t be this bright and shiny and sparkly the same way again.

Next week he goes back to work and things will return to a more normal routine, but I’m glad I got to have this time. I’m grateful for finding someone so great who makes it okay to be mushy. Who’s mushy back. The honeymoon, as they say, may be over, but I think this time became an important building block for us.

It’s at least a really good start. Finally, I just might have my happy ending.


~ by Kat on January 3, 2012.

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