I Like You Too Much to Have Sex with You

Sounds weird, I know. But this is how it is.

There’s some kind of rule about not having sex until the third date. Too soon and you’re a hooker, too late and the relationship fizzles before it starts. There are rules, there are guidelines, there are suggestions and guilt-trips. Somehow the Third Date has become the norm, as some statistics put it at 50% of The Date to Do the Deed.

I think it can be a little more organic though. I know when I like someone. I freely admit that I will imagine naked time with someone when I first meet them. As women, we’ve learned to examine hand and shoe size. Is there a possibility? Are the lips kissable? Guys, trust me. We think about the same things you do at the same time you do. Unless, of course, you’re written off from the get-go.

However, it’s different when I like someone. I will of course think all of the above. And I’m no prude, if I want to have sex with someone I will. One-night stands have, for better or worse, become a part of my repertoire. But not when I like someone. There are so many added layers. I want the anticipation to build. I want to feel that I’m liked back. It has nothing to do with playing games or making him earn something.

So, how to tell if I like someone now? Somewhat paradoxically, the longer without sex, the more I like you.

Sex on the first date? Probably the kiss of death.


~ by Kat on September 20, 2013.

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