Fun and Games

I have a good friend who just went through another divorce. This one was young. Too young. We joke about how you play with young, you don’t marry it. Cougars play with their food, right?

I have recently started an online correspondence with a man who, because of distance and circumstances, I will most likely never meet. However, I have realized that he possesses certain qualities that I didn’t realize I’m looking for until now. He is not  young. Well, relatively not. He is 50. There’s a lot I like about him. Aside from how far away he is.

My very good friend, who is 40, has gone on a couple of dates now with a 32-year-old. He has a 30-year-old friend and asked my friend if I’d be interested in meeting him. This was their conversation:

Her: “Sure, she’d play with him.”

Him: “What does that mean?”

Her: “Well, she’d meet him, probably have sex with him, but he couldn’t expect more than that.”

Him: “Oh.”

I have a feeling my 50-year-old friend would understand.



~ by Kat on September 29, 2013.

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