Jesus, Part 2

In the week before taking Jesus Boy to my bed, he was loquacious with his compliments. How sexy I am, how he loved getting to know me more and more. Blah blah. Etc, etc. The day after he wanted me to know that he didn’t treat my like a one-night stand. That I am a lady.

But, in essence, that is what he did. We had the yucky conversation that led me to believe he lashed himself for two days after our little tryst, and then crickets. Oh, except the next day there was a New Girl. Whaaaat? Already?

He messaged me last night. When I asked where his new girlfriend was, he informed they are already over. Shocker. When did he meet her? Ten days before. She had a kid in jail that he didn’t know about but she loved Jesus too. So maybe that was just half a day of lashing?

The unfortunate part is that we work in the same building but he claims he is miserable here and wants a new job. I might actually say a prayer for that to happen.


~ by Kat on January 25, 2016.

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