The FWB Interview

I met the potential FWB for a drink last night. I got there early so I could have a pre-drink and scope him out when he came in. I forgot to tell him that I cut my hair recently so he walked right by me. My text corrected him and brought him to my table quickly.

I may have shorter hair, but he didn’t have any of the hair he had in his profile pics. Leather jacket, black, Dexter-style henley, jeans. The hair and stubble he does have is all gray. He’s three years younger than me. Still, he was attractive enough.

He apologized profusely for not recognizing me. Such a polite southern boy. His mama raised him right. His sister called but he didn’t answer. We talked about our families, what it’s like to have teenage daughters. How he’s like a kid in the snow. Briefly discussed our divorces, described our jobs.

He had to leave for a prior obligation so he paid the check and walked me out. Gave me a hug. Said we should get together again and have a proper dinner.

What the fuck just happened? Was that a date? He’s asking for a dinner date and not a fuck date? I’m not sure he’s understanding the plan.



~ by Kat on January 26, 2016.

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