Au Revoir

Got a message from a young one the other day. Asking the same thing they all do, “Do you like younger guys?” Who doesn’t like to bat a little cub around now and then? We engaged in conversation for a brief period of time. Let me know when it would have gone downhill for you.

He told me he’s a teacher. He’s educated. Um, okay. Congratulations? We can hang our degrees side by side?

He’s French. Like from France. He has an accent. Oh…. you mean you sound sexy when you speak your big, edumacated words? Thanks for pointing that out. Repeatedly.

He asked if I’ve ever been with someone from another country. I guess he assumed I have lived in the same one-horse town my whole life and I ain’t never met no Frenchman. Garsh…..

He asked if I was ready for an exciting new experience. He was not talking about racing on a professional track or going sky-diving or even watching pigs race. He meant dating him. Because he’s French.

He left me a short voicemail so I could hear his sexy accent. I had to get a Q-tip to clean out the pretentiousness that was dripping off of his words. He’s educated but couldn’t pronounce my name correctly.

I must not have been googly enough over his Frenchness as the conversation ended there. Seriously, his kind is the reason the French get such a bad rap.

Au fucking revoir.


~ by Kat on January 28, 2016.

One Response to “Au Revoir”

  1. What? His Frenchness wasn’t enough for you??? LOL

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